Khaje-Nezam Commercial Office Building


Eng. Kardanpour


Ahmadabad St., Isfahan


The design of Khajeh-Nezam commercial office building has been with the approach of creating a continuous and coordinated plan with the plan of the complex and the texture of Ahmadabad region. Defining a shape based on the use of brick materials and the variety in the use of these materials are among the items that have created a suitable view. Important factors and features influenced the design of the facade of this project. There were several failures in the plan and the special location of the project due to its proximity to Ahmadabad busy street. The use of the building was another special feature of this project, as due to the administrative-commercial operation of the project, there were no residential consideration in this project, but there was still a concern in the design of the facade appropriate to the intended use in the minds of the designers.


Tuba tower Unit 102 (10th floor), Hormozan St., Dadman Blvd.

(+98) 2 1 7 1 0 5 3 2 7 1


Unit 8, 2nd floor,Imam Ali Building, Amir Kabir Alley, Vahid St.

(+98) 3 1 3 6 2 9 6 1 8 5