Office Commercial and Residential Complex of Isfahan Metro Stations

Detailed plan and urban design of Baharestan street area

Pardis Sport and Cultural Complex

Bohloul Residential Complex

Judicial System furniture design

Enteshari Residential Complex

Pardis-e-Honar Cultural Recreational Complex

Golzar Residential Complex

Movahedian Residential Complex

Revival of Martyr Beheshti’s Home And School

Mosala Mosque

Khaje-Nezam Commercial Office Building

Evaluation and review studies of Isfahan Bagh-e-Tajrobeh Garden Project

Gavart Sport Cultural Complex

Social Cultural Annex of Urban Railway

Aghababaei Residential Complex

Dr. Zahedi’s Clinic

Baharestan Residential Complex

Traffic Axis Design of Ahmadiyeh

Nazar Residential Complex

Design of special expanses of Isfahan district 11

Dayana Residential Complex

Shahrekord Psychiatric Hospital

Golestan Residential Commercial Complex

Royal Office Residential Complex

Nourollahi Residential Complex

Mehregan Residential Complex

Hamid Residential Complex

Pasdaran Residential Commercial Complex

Kooye Emam Complex

Khaje-amid Residential Complex

Pardise-Theatre of Isfahan

Sadjad Street Refuge Island

Kiani Residential Complex

Ferdows Service, Welfare and Food Complex

Isfahan Tourism Backbone Plan

Moshtagh Residential Complex

Studies of Isfahan Women’s houses

Land use plan of Shahid Keshvari town

Kouhi Residential Complex

Kimia Service, Welfare and Tourism Complex

Studies on Ghalamestan Children Complex

Mossala Garden Site Museum

Sepahanshahr Commercial Office Complex

Mohtasham Kashani Sport Complex

Hamzeh Residential Complex

Design Furniture for Esfahan Electricity Distribution Company

Shariati Residential Complex

Urban Design of the Great Complex of East Isfahan Mountain Park (Nokhodi Mountain)

Sheivand Recreational and tourism accommodation village

shohadaye hastei Complex

Urban design of Behesht Park

Isfahan Park of Nations

bahar Complex

Prayers Room of Social and Cultural Deputy

Motahari Residential Complex

Pardis Family Center

Barmani Food Court

Mehr Residential Complex

Comprehensive strategic plan of Takht-e-Foolad complex

Khaghani food court

Laleh Street Refuge Island

72-Unit Milad Residential Complex

Golestan-e-Shohada Southwest Entrance Complex

Strategic plan of Nazhvan park of Isfahan

Bahar-e-Azadi Residential Complex

Comprehensive planning of Isfahan district 12

Isfahan Social and Cultural Observatory

Strategic Studies on Shahid Rajaee Park

Isfahan Electricity Distribution Company Central Building

Khadem-ol-Sharie Martyrs Graveyard Urban Design

Design of Imanshahr Cultural Center

Najafabad Residential Complex

Hasseh study hall and cultural complex

Jay-Abr Commercial, Office and Residential Complex

Bushehr Hussainyah

Zahed Residential Complex

Tayeb Residential Homes


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