Urban design of Khadem-ol-Shari'a Tekyah


Management of Takht-e-Foolad historical, cultural and religious complex of Isfahan


Takht-e-Foolad complex is one of the most important historical cemeteries in the Islamic world, which dates back to pre-Islamic times. This cemetery is located in the southeast of Isfahan. This collection has placed many dignitaries and elders in its strongholds, as well as the reliance of Khadem Sharia, which belongs to the Safavid and Qajar periods and has elements of historical valuable architecture.In this area the tomb of Lady Zohreh Bahraini, who is one of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution is also located. This revolutionary lady was martyred during the political activities of the struggle against the Pahlavi regime in Muharram 1357 by shooting of SAVAK soldiers at her father’s house.
On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, in honor of the martyrs of the revolution, a program is being developed by the management of Isfahan Takht-e-Foolad Complex to organize and rebuild the tombs of some of these high-ranking martyrs. One of the first offered places to be rebuilt was this martyr’s mausoleum due to the importance of the role of women in the revolution and the proper location of her mausoleum near Azadegan Boulevard. The mausoleum is designed by Arvin Tadabor Consulting Engineers inspired from steadfastness and sacrifices of Martyr Bahraini. The landscaping of this tomb has also been considered by the designers due to the historical limitations of the surrounding area in order to coordinate and fit with the Qajar buildings and the Safavid area.


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