Design of the central building of Isfahan County Electricity Power Distribution Company


Mollasadra St., Isfahan


7600 m²




The central building of the Isfahan County Electricity Distribution Company was handed over to the company after the implementation of the hardening stage for the redesign of the plan, facade and interior. Due to the existing executive limitations, the plan of the complex was designed according to the special principles of office spaces, while paying attention to its beauty and functionality.
In designing the facade, the architect displayed the symmetry of the transfer, as well as adding a sense of solidity in the building which has doubled the spirit due to its architectural beauty.

In general, there are three types of symmetry in art:
Axial symmetry: In which an object has symmetry around an axis (line, plate, etc.), this type of symmetry is very common in nature, and a clear example of this is the appearance of the human body or man-made structures such as cars and buildings we see it in architecture.
Circular symmetry: When an object is designed to rotate around a point to its original shape, it is called a rotational symmetry, such as a bicycle wheel and some polygons.
Of course, a circular symmetrical design may not have a axial symmetry, as in spiral designs
Repetitive or Transitional Symmetry: If we can see the same image of an object by moving on a shape and going to a new point, we call that transitional symmetry, like the symmetry that exists in railroad tracks.


Tuba tower Unit 102 (10th floor), Hormozan St., Dadman Blvd.

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Unit 8, 2nd floor,Imam Ali Building, Amir Kabir Alley, Vahid St.

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