Detailed plan and urban design of Baharestan street area


Isfahan Municipality


Baharestan St., Isfahan


In the 25-hectare urban area of Baharestan Street, which was located in the urban context of Isfahan for agricultural use, due to water shortage, the possibility of agriculture and greenery was low and as a problem, it threatened the city’s 12th district. The consultant prepared the reasons and documents in addition to the usage, heights and passage plans then defended it in the Article 5 Commission, and succeeded in changing this area optimally. He also seized the existence of two metro stations of Baharestan and Golestan and presented the plan of commercial service complexes (TOD) in the mentioned plan.


Tuba tower Unit 102 (10th floor), Hormozan St., Dadman Blvd.

(+98) 2 1 7 1 0 5 3 2 7 1


Unit 8, 2nd floor,Imam Ali Building, Amir Kabir Alley, Vahid St.

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