Development of indicators, illustration, quality evaluation model and ranking of Tayeb residential houses


Razavi Quality Institute – Astan Quds Razavi


At first glance, the word home seems to have an obvious definition; A safe place to rest, live and relax, where usually an individual or family lives and keeps their belongings. However, this view of the concept of home seems a bit simplistic because, firstly, the word has different meanings from different perspectives, secondly, the view of different societies and cultures is different about this phenomenon, and thirdly, this concept has changed over time. As it is clear, what makes the structure and shape of a house is the vision that every society has of the ideal life, so the environment that is desirable for human beings is the result of social and cultural forces.
The realization of religious life and the achievement of improving the quality and style of Islamic-Iranian life requires several basic measures. These studies were done by Arvin Tdabor Supervising Engineers by examining the Holy Quran, narrations from the Infallibles, theological and academic theorists, and finally the empirical and intellectual standards, have extracted the principles and components of the realization of Tayyib housing.
Observance of cultural proportions, protection of property rights, respect for public boundaries, avoidance of showing off, climatic fit, avoidance of extra and useless construction, avoidance of harassment of neighbors, etc., which can be deduced from verses and hadiths and theorists in this field All of them can be summarized in a general category under the seven principles of privacy, security, beauty, remembrance of God, location, spatial desirability, sustainability and comfort. But on the other hand, the fact that goodness of a house building requires observing its frameworks; five principles of solubility, originality, purity, cleanliness , health and blessing are the key indicators of the goodness of everything, which are presented in detail in these studies for Astan Quds Razavi.


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