Movahedian Residential Complex


Mr. Movahedian


Ahmadabad St., Isfahan


Movahedian residential complex was designed with 1200 square meters of substructure on 4 floors. In each of the floors, a 180 square meter unit with separate spaces was designed according to the appropriate lighting and according to the principle of creating a habitable space for all family members while meeting all their needs. A beautiful and balanced facade has a rhythm. Rhythm in a facade means that the elements that make up the shape of it must have a kind of order. This order should be seen in the lines, boards, shapes and even the empty spaces used in the facade. Rhythm, as its name implies, is the repetition of elements in a defined order and in a way that all parts are visually compatible. The facade of the complex was formed with a suitable combination of different volumes and intelligent use of materials such as brick and wood and considering the appropriate colors using the architectural art of rhythm.


Tuba tower Unit 102 (10th floor), Hormozan St., Dadman Blvd.

(+98) 2 1 7 1 0 5 3 2 7 1


Unit 8, 2nd floor,Imam Ali Building, Amir Kabir Alley, Vahid St.

(+98) 3 1 3 6 2 9 6 1 8 5