Studies and design of Isfahan Celebrities' Garden (Site Museum)


Isfahan Takht-e-Foolad Complex Management


40,000 m² (4 hectares)


Isfahan’s Takht-e-Foolad complex is the tomb of great figures in the history of Islam and Iran and a treasure trove of human resources that are full of thought, effort, culture and art that can be used and exploited even in the present era. The cemetery has been an important attraction for pilgrims and tourists because of embracing the great scholars, mystics, scientists and artists of the city’s history and land, and the existence of engravings and inscriptions. But over time, factors such as lack of attention to some areas, lack of definition of attractive activities and uses, and most importantly, the lack of proper introduction of these celebrities and elders caused the cemetry to be abandoned in a corner of the city and lost in the hustle and bustle of the city. And has received less attention. Therefore, organizing a part of the collection in the form of a site museum to display the characters and celebrities of the collection is important and necessary, because if the graves of scholars, mystics, sages, poets, etc. are destroyed, their names and works will gradually disappear. Memories go away, and that means the destruction of the city and the country’s funds.

Mosalla Public Cemetery, with an area of ​​4 hectares, is part of the Takht-e-Foolad complex, which is located in the northern part of the Great Mossalla Mosque of Isfahan. This complex has an urban area without buildings, tombs or pillars, and has a good capacity to create a site to introduce the elders and scientists of this complex. Arvin Tadbar Memar consulting engineers, proposed the creation of this site museum during the comprehensive plan that he had previously prepared for the Takht-e-Foolad complex in Isfahan. With the construction and the planning done by the management of this complex in cultural and tourism fields, in addition to the prosperity and dynamism of the space of this cemetery, one can take a step in preserving the memory of the famous and great people buried in it, as well as introducing these treasures and scientific and literary reserves, and so on.


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