Evaluation and review studies of Isfahan Bagh-e-Tajrobeh Garden Project


Isfahan Municipality


Hemmat Hwy., Isfahan


The Persian garden and pavilion has been a place where Iranian sit and engage in activities such as conversation, music and discussion, and how much better it can be to enjoy natural pleasures at the same time. In the garden and the pavilion, all the concepts, activities, visions, spaces, etc. have a hierarchy (especially a special hierarchy for entering the pavilion from the main entrance of the garden). Landscapes in the Persian Garden are more about stimulating the human sense of pleasure, so some practical steps are taken to achieve this goal. Kushk Bagh is a building experience with an octagonal plan that is located near Ghadir Garden and is perpendicular to the axis of the middle mansion of Ghadir Garden.

A special experience garden for the elderly has been built. In this garden, special sidewalks and a special spiral for the elderly have been designed. In this garden, 12 pavilions have been built, in each of which various medical services, diets, training classes, religious topics, etc. is offered to the elderly. Bagh-e-Tajrobe Garden consists of two buildings, one at the entrance and the other called the Kushk Building in the middle of the garden, which has an administrative and educational use. This garden is one of the first gardens and specialized complexes for the elderly and was built by Isfahan Municipality. Elderly people in the park can enjoy live music, catering, sports, training and free counseling.


Tuba tower Unit 102 (10th floor), Hormozan St., Dadman Blvd.

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Unit 8, 2nd floor,Imam Ali Building, Amir Kabir Alley, Vahid St.

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